Service to Match Your Needs…

Creative Business Interiors offers a variety of finance options. In the past, most businesses financed purchases through existing credit lines or used cash. Today, many businesses are using the resources of financial service companies to reduce the upfront costs of ownership and reduce tax burdens.

Why consider leasing?

Leasing offers businesses an easy way to acquire the equipment they need to grow with a reduced upfront cost of ownership. With 100% financing, you can eliminate the need to use working capital or credit lines.

Leasing may also offer potential tax advantages by reducing the cost of recovery or “write-off” time. Consult your tax advisor to determine the specifics of your situation.

How long can I lease?

Standard lease terms are 24, 36, 48 and 60 months with 36 and 48 months being the most popular.

How does leasing work?

You determine the equipment you need from the vendor(s) of your choice. Upon credit approval, you will be able to lease the equipment for a specified monthly payment for a specified period. Multiple vendors may be included in a single lease with a single monthly payment.

What kinds of equipment can be leased?

Almost any new or used office furniture and equipment can be leased.

What can be included in the finance amount?

Freight, installation, maintenance, service contracts, and other soft costs can usually be included.

What happens at the end of the lease?

You may elect the option of returning the equipment to the leasing company or you may purchase the equipment for an amount determined at the inception of the lease.