Pre-Owned Workstations & Cubicles

SC Answer with Frosted Glass

Steelcase Answer Workstations

Used Steelcase Answer Workstations, 6’x7’6”, 48’H Panels with 12” Clear Glass, frosted glass available for additional fee. Power at Desk Top. Tackable / Acoustical Tiles, Slat Tile with work tools, Desk Top Lamp. Storage consists of one mobile Box File with cushion top and one 2-Drawer Lateral file, 30”. Available in a teaming or collaborative […]

Teknion Workstations

Used Teknion Workstations, 5×6, 42”H Panels with 6” Glass Stacker, 60×24/30 Curvilinear Desk Top, Mini Credenza with Sliding Door, 3-Drawer Vertical Tower, 18”w, Desk Top Power and Data, Monitor Arm. Excellent Condition. Like New!
HM Canvas - Main

Herman Miller Canvas – 8′x8′

Used Herman Miller Canvas Workstations, 8’x8’, 56H Panels all the way around the panels. Two 48” Sliding overheads are mounted to the 56” panels with up mounted brackets to a height of 68”H. Included in each station a personal work tower with wardrobe, bookcase, and FF. One 2-Drawer 36” lateral file and one mobile Box […]
Kimball #1

Kimball Xsite

Used Kimball Xsite, 66”H Panels with Frames and Tiles. Stations can be either 8×8 with three surfaces or 8×6 with two surfaces. Each station contains Qty. 1 – Personal Tower with wardrobe, side bookcase, and FF, Qty. 1 – BBF Pedestal, and Qty. 1 – FF Pedestal. Tiles are tackable / acoustical , metal, and […]
Kimball Cetra Reception Station - #1

Kimball Cetra – Reception Station

Used Kimball Cetra Reception station – 8’x11’, very unique in design with clear glass panels. All real wood veneer trim on the panels, surfaces, and storage. Glass can also be frosted if you would like. Storage includes BBF and 2-Drawer lateral file. Station was never used by a person – only a place holder. Can […]
Kimbal Interworks

Kimball Interworks – 8×8 or 6×8

Used Kimball Interworks, 8×8 or 6×8, 66”H Panels with stackable glass panel on return panels. Tackable / Acoustical panels. Each station contains Qty. 1 – 48” Enclosed Overhead, Qty.1 – 48” Open Shelf, Qty. 1 – 96x48x24x24 Extended Corner Worksurface, Qty. 1 – 48×24 Worksurface, Qty. 1 – BBF pedestal, and Qty. 1 – FF […]
Steelcase Answer - Main

Steelcase – Answer

Used Steelcase Answer Workstations, 7’x7’, 65”H Panels & 53”H Panels with 12” Glass stackers on spine and first return panel of stations. Station comes standard with 42” Enclosed Overhead, one task light, one FF pedestal, and a pencil drawer. An optional BBF is available for $95.00 each. All panels are tackable / acoustical.
Vitra Workstations

Vitra Workstations

Qty. 58 – Used Vitra Workstations, 14’x8’9” Double Workstations, Panel spine is Freestanding, upper storage for each individual station consists of three 24” Enclosed overheads.  Lower storage consists of  dividing tower with lateral file drawer, open shelf, and white boards.  A pencil drawer is attached to the desk.  Power and data at mid-height and a […]
Herman Miller A02 (Clone)

Herman Miller A02 (Clone)

Qty. 134 – Used Herman Miller A02 Workstations, 67”H & 53”H Tackable Segmented Panels with Frosted Glass Inserts.  Stations come set-up as 2 and 4 cluster stations.    Worksurfaces are maple laminate.  Lower storage consists of BBF pedestal and upper storage consists of 48” open half height shelf plus task light.  Great stations for an open […]
Kimball Xsite Workstations - 54"H

Kimball Xsite Workstations – 54″H

Qty. 32 – Used Kimball Xsite workstations, 7’6”x8’, 54”H, Frame & Tile system.  All worksurfaces are Thermofoil surfaces with an ergonomic sloped edge with a built in horizontal wire manager.  Storage consists of 54” Multi-Wardrobe cabinet with built in FF, open bookcase, and wardrobe cabinet.  Great workstations and excellent fabric and finishes.  Workstations can be […]
Herman Miller Canvas - 45" High - 5x5 Workstations

Herman Miller Canvas – 45″ High – 5×5 Workstations

Used Herman Miller Canvas 45”H Tackable Tiles with Slat tile and tools.  L-Shaped workstation with one 60×24 worksurface, one 20×36 worksurface, and one undersurface BBF pedestal.  Great Colors!
Herman Miller Canvas - 6x8 / 8x8 Workstations - Various Heights & Glass

Herman Miller Canvas – 6×8 / 8×8 Workstations – Various Heights & Glass

Extremely flexible inventory consisting of 70”H and 54”H Panels with tackable tiles and glass.  Lots of ways to stack up or down for privacy or collaboration.  Slat tile and tools also part of the workstations.  Lots of storage throughout with BBF peds, mobile BF peds, 2-Drawer lateral files and Wardrobe filing units.
Herman Miller Resolve

Herman Miller Resolve

Qty. 20 – Used Herman Miller Resolve, 8×10 or 10×10, Posts, Beams, and Screens.  Two Kidney bean tables, storage tower with FF pedestal and side bookcase.  Mobile BF pedestal also included but not in photo.
Kimball – Used Xsite Workstations

Kimball Xsite – 6×6 Workstations

Qty. 95 – Used Kimball Xsite Workstations, 6’x6’, 68H & 42H Frame & Tile System.  All tiles are tackable acoustical.  Plug & Play Technology tile with power and data at work surface height.  Lower storage consists of a BBF and FF pedestal while upper storage consists of  enclosed 48” Overhead and task light with wire […]
Herman Miller Series 3 / A03 - Used

Herman Miller Series 3 – 6×6 Workstations – Adjustable Height Surfaces

Qty. 113 – Used Herman Miller Series 3 / A03 Workstations, 68”H and 54”H Tackable / Acoustical Panels with 14” High Glass Stackers, All curvilinear work surfaces are adjustable height by a manual crank.  Each station come with lower storage consisting of a freestanding BBF & FF.  Upper storage is made up of two 36” […]
Steelcase Answer 3'6" x 7' Workstations

Steelcase Answer 3’6″ x 7′ Workstations

Used Steelcase Answer workstations, 3’6” x 7’, 48”H Tackable Panels.  Extended Corner worksurface 42”x60”x24”x24”.  Maple finish.  Storage consists of 48” H Storage Tower – FF Pedstal, wardrobe cabinet, and side bookcase.  Finishes are very modern.  Decorative end leg available too.
Steelcase Kick Workstations - 7x7

Steelcase Kick Workstations – 7×7

Qty. 84 – Used Steelcase Kick Workstations, 5’6”x7’, 68”H and 54”H Panels.  Designed for collaborative spaces.  Lower storage consists of mobile BF pedestal and fixed FF pedestal.  Upper storage is made up of a single 42” open shelf with task light.  Double corner worksurfaces for each station and a shared D-Top for collaboration.  Great colors!
Kimball Interworks EQ 120 Degree Workstations

Kimball Interworks EQ 120 Degree Workstations

Qty. 56 – Thermofoil worksurface and (1) box box file pedestal for each 120 degree station. 54″H sectional panels with frosted glass. Age – 4 years.
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