• Dock is the perfect solution to anchor any meeting space. This spacious 48" Round table provides the surface area you need to tackle any task.
  • Designed to be used in any private office or break room, this National Waveworks round table provides a great look while remaining practical.
  • The Enea cafe table is perfect for any  breakroom area.
  • Take a break and pull up a chair up to one of these OFM cafe tables. This table is perfect for any break room!
  • Flexible furniture lets teachers choose from a range of formal and informal instruction styles. A desk with a tower lectern supports standing lectures and seated work. Nesting utility tables offer extra work space, and a mobile lectern makes it easy to present from anywhere in the room.
  • Solid surface top great for any breakroom area and easy to clean.
  • This 48"X31" desk is perfect for any environment and individual. Each table provides ample depth with 31".
  • Private Yet Accessible
    Focused one minute—an unscheduled meeting the next. Even when you plan your day, it's bound to change. Concinnity helps executives get organized, stay focused and quickly connect. Squeeze more vertical storage in a smaller footprint with taller cabinets. Convert a private office into a personal meeting space with mobile tables. Concinnity helps you stay prepared for whatever comes next.
  • Be ready for anything with Scenario tables. Make quick changes to training or learning environments with mobile, static, nesting, and height adjustable tables. The electrical system allows you to run power and connect technology in no time flat, all while delivering beautiful, durable, multipurpose tables, and accessories that complement any interior.
  • Bringing a timeless style to the workplace where design and unparalleled quality meet, fiXt includes occasional tables, worktables and bookcases available in a range of sizes and heights. Bench or stool seating complete this classic collection with a perfect match of style and functionality. Mobility options make reconfigurability of any space effortless to support flexible landscapes.
  • Casual while being sophisticated, Bloom fits comfortably in a variety of settings. United by the same base design, the lounge chair offers a tailored seat with optional contrasting fabric, while the occasional tables come in a range of shapes, heights, and materials.
  • Villa is a modular lounge collection equipped to support a variety of individual or group activities. It can be arranged in endless configurations or used in freestanding arrangements. Optional full-height SHADE™ privacy divider panels, work surfaces, and built-in power and USB hubs fit the evolving needs of tech-savvy workers.
    Villa free-standing tables come in many shapes and sizes. With the same leg design as the Villa Lounge Collection, they coordinate nicely to create welcome arrangements. Tech enabled options can be incorporated into the tables marrying a workable design element with a modern flare.
  • Available in a variety of practical sizes and shapes, Dock tables can be combined in flexible arrangements for any use. Create dynamic learning environments, training rooms, private offices, collaborative spaces, and cafes, then expand or rearrange as your demands change.
  • With Dock Work Tables you not only choose a table for your workspace, but one that defines your style. Whether the need calls for impromptu meetings or creative collaboration, Dock Work Tables give you the area to perform.
  • Farewell to the Single Purpose Space Say hello to Dock. A full-facility table platform that offers a range of table configurations, top shapes and materials, edge profiles, and base styles to personalize the furniture to the design intent and character of the space. Dock is designed around base systems that scale to, and accommodate, the need at hand. Configurations aren’t limited to one size or a particular application. Most styles and table types are available in multiple heights, as fixed or mobile, and with a range of technology choices. With that kind of capability, it’s no wonder Dock is the ‘go-to’ table line.


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