Kimball Fundamental® Files

Kimball Fundamental® Files

Individual workspaces are getting ever smaller, but workers still need storage. File banks are utilitarian, yet they need to blend in and complement the interior design, and they must be rock solid and secure. Kimball metal filing and storage solutions are engineered and built for long-term durability, and they offer a range of aesthetic options.


∙ Progressive slide suspension provides smooth drawer operation
∙ Built in anti-rebound catch prevents drawers from accidentally rolling open
∙ Roll-out shelf with lift door option in LF Series
∙ Fixed shelf with lift door option in Fundamental Files
∙ Two six-inch-high half height drawers may replace existing drawer in any position in LF Series
∙ Fundamental File five-high lateral can be ordered as ADA compliant
∙ LF Series cabinets can be moved fully loaded


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