Kimball Pairings®

Kimball Pairings®

A versatile lounge based collection designed to work alone or as components, Pairings adapts to changing work styles and shifting work postures while supporting varying degrees of privacy in an era of open space engagement. Pairings merges simple sofa/lounge collections with the more informal space where people work, team up, and gather, creating adaptable, lounge-based work settings that host teams and technology in comfort.


Real estate is condensing. Technology is evolving. Work styles are
more varied than ever before. Combined, these changes present
a number of challenges to office planning. That’s why pL-D and
Kimball teamed together to create a more versatile lounge-based
system—one that provides power access, acoustical separation,
and functionality for open or enclosed spaces.
Pairings works as a simple lounge group, or as a robust system
capable of transforming an open space into a “third space.”
Configured with other products and media, the collection offers
expansive options for both working and meeting.
Made with comfort and flexibility in mind, Pairings is a family of
components that can be crafted together to create formal or informal
settings in support of today’s work-play-gather environments.

Some things are simply better together. Comfort and style. Flexibility and
convenience. Choice and harmony. You can have it all with Pairings—a
diverse collection that accommodates people in corporate, education, or
hospitality environments.

Ready for a setting individuals and small teams will flock to? Add privacy
panels to create the comfort of a lounge area with the seclusion of an
individual workspace. A tech-friendly collection ideal for impromptu
meetings or a moment alone, panels can be configured on one, two,
or three sides of a seat or sofa.

Since work and life are blending into one, Pairings takes inspiration
from both. Its soft feel and refined aesthetic make it possible to
create a welcoming setting where people feel right at home.

Accessible. Discrete. That’s the kind of power you need—and the kind
you get with Pairings. Power can be configured directly into a seat or table,
so individuals or small teams can stay seamlessly connected. Power can
also be integrated into a divider wall to create an ancillary workspace
when configured with a work shelf.

Alone or in conjunction with other Kimball products, Pairings can divide
a space, multiplying functionality in open plan environments.

  • Metal leg available in Brushed or Polished Aluminum
  • Available in one, two or three seat benches with or without backs
  • Optional arms are available in 2” or 8”, tablet and tech arm
  • Divider walls in 27”, 54” and 81” lengths and 30” and 41” heights
  • Privacy panels available on sides and backs for additional seclusion
  • Power options available in the arm, seat or divider wall
  • Free-standing and in-line tables compliment the lounge seating
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