Kimball Villa™

Villa is a modular lounge collection equipped to support a variety of individual or group activities. It can be arranged in endless configurations or used in freestanding arrangements. Optional full-height SHADE™ privacy divider panels, work surfaces, and built-in power and USB hubs fit the evolving needs of tech-savvy workers.

Villa free-standing tables come in many shapes and sizes. With the same leg design as the Villa Lounge Collection, they coordinate nicely to create welcome arrangements. Tech enabled options can be incorporated into the tables marrying a workable design element with a modern flare.


Villa is about more options, more possibilities, and fewer boundaries. With
a depth and breadth of choices, you can configure a variety of settings with
many elements or a select few. Work around columns with ease. Create an
open setting or a cozy retreat.

With seating components that can stand alone or fit nicely together, the
Villa lounge collection includes single and multiple seats, sofas, an array
of freestanding tables and everything in between. Villa creates welcome
arrangements that comfortably stand out.

Whatever the look you’re after—with arms, without arms, curved, straight, high
back, low back, or no back—Villa offers an endless supply of design possibilities.

Create a work retreat with Villa Shade™. Personable and private, the
Shade integrates with high-back seating utilizing panels on the
left, right, or both.

∙ Leg options include metal square, round, Y-leg, and tapered wood leg
∙ Optional soft seat cushion provides a residential sense of comfort
∙ Seat cushions are removable and replaceable on select models
∙ Arms feature sewn slipcovers over top high-grade foam
∙ Tablet arms and arm caps are available on models with 4” arms
∙ Wood tablet arms, arm caps and floating plateau tops feature an antimicrobial finish
∙ Private or Semi-Private Shade™ can be added for additional privacy
∙ 5” arms available on one, two and three-seat lounge models
∙ One-seat lounge with 5” arms available in mobile option
∙ Power/USB grommets are available on all lounge models
∙ Contrasting upholstery may be specified
∙ Freestanding tables feature the same leg design as the lounge seating


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