Kimball Xsite®

Kimball Xsite®

Xsite provides the essential building blocks to create the foundation of a workstation while offering a surplus of options to enhance functionality and aesthetics. Think beyond the usual vertical and horizontal constraints.


Concentration and Collaboration in Balance

Xsite® is a frame and tile system that lets you
create a workspace where both independence
and interaction are supported. Xsite components
can easily be configured to fit your current
workforce and office layout, and just as easily
reconfigured to accommodate future changes.
Xsite gives you design options. Put tiles anywhere.
Create space in more shapes. Customize storage
systems. Place components wherever they’re
most useful. Xsite removes boundaries.

  • Xsite frames are available in five heights, with stackers that allow you to build up for increased privacy
  • Tiles can be placed independent of the frame, giving you more design options
  • A wide variety of glass, wood, laminate, and fabric tiles
  • Distribute power and data easily, almost anywhere within the frame
  • Works with Traxx to start a run of panels off the wall
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