National Tessera

National Tessera

Showcasing a contemporary vibe with a floating top aesthetic, Tessera has elements that will delight. The sleek and angular design promotes a vision of sophistication, while the vast array of storage options allows the user to tailor it to their personal needs. The unique wall panel allows storage, shelves, and surfaces to be strategically placed for maximum productivity and versatility. This combination of layered elements adds even more visual interest. Tessera offers options that exceed expectations.


Tessera’s adjustable height design accommodates standing tasks, intermediate elevations, and worksurface heights to meet personal preferences and workstyles. The desk raises and lowers with an easy to use keypad and reveals complementary or contrasting legs, while concealing the lift mechanism. The removable end panels allow for concealment of cords to maintain Tessera’s sleek design.

Tessera’s wall panel creates vertical storage and display space that can be designed for unique needs. This solution accommodates professional and personal needs with smart, functional, and unparalleled options. With a variety of surface materials, wall panel configurations, and storage compositions, Tessera allows you to maximize wall space by incorporating this solution in any workspace or open plan area. Visually, this wall solution adds texture, layers, and mixed material opportunities. Functionally, the options are second to none, adding the right elements where you need them.

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